Am I Right for IB?
logoThe goal of all IB Programmes is to mold students into internationally-minded people who use the tools they acquire in IB to help create a better and more peaceful world. Students of the IB Programme should fit into many of the categories below, and their experience in IB should strive to make them eager to learn and gain an education like no other.

  • Balanced- Students are constantly trying to achieve a balance between intellect, physical conditioning, and their emotions. This balance is applied to create a better environment for the student and others.
  • Caring- Students are compassionate towards the needs of others. They are committed to community service, and they are constantly making attempts to improve the world around them.
  • Communicators- Students are able to produce and consume ideas and information quickly and effectively in multiple languages. Their communication will also be broadened to include multiple methods and they will be able to work effectively and willingly with others.
  • Inquirers- Students are curious about the world around them. They should use their inquiry skills to show independence in their learning. This will cultivate a love of learning that will hopefully be sustained throughout their lives.
  • Knowledgeable- Students come across many situations and ideas that have global and local significance which will help the students to acquire an in-depth knowledge while also becoming balanced in a broad range of disciplines.
  • Open-Minded- Students have a deep understanding of their own culture and history, and they have an eagerness to learn more about the values and traditions of others. Students become accustomed to looking at problems from many different points of view to develop a better understanding.
  • Principled - Students are able to act with truthfulness and honesty in all situations.  They learn to take on challenges with respect for individuals, groups, and communities. Students learn to take responsibility for their actions, and they accept the accompanying consequences.
  • Reflective - Students think deeply about their learning. They use their reflection to assess and understand their strengths and limitations. Students then apply their strengths to situations to get the most out of them.
  • Risk-takers - Students are willing to approach unfamiliar situations eagerly by using learning strategies that they have been taught and applying them. They also will stand up for what they believe in regardless of the situation.
  • Thinkers - Students are able to apply thinking skills creatively and critically to situations that are complex in nature, which help to produce reasoned and ethical decisions.

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