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logoWhy Should I Complete the Diploma Programme (DP)?

Students that hold an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma have all the qualities that colleges and universities crave. Pursuing an additional diploma beyond your high school diploma is a feat that sets you on a pedestal for college admission offices. Students are incredibly well-rounded after receiving an IB Diploma, and they learn skills that are useful for life beyond high school. Taking individual IB and AP classes is a great way to earn college credit in high school, and the IB Diploma shows employers and colleges that you have the skills and knowledge that will benefit them. Students with a Diploma from the International Baccalaureate Programme standout, and some colleges will recruit students because they value IB students so much.

International Baccalaureate (IB) is recognized by UW-Madison and around the state, country and world as a curriculum of the highest standard. Students who are involved in the IB curriculum are also recognized as individuals who have and are challenging themselves with a rigorous course of study.  The obvious importance of this is that it contributes directly to their preparedness to be successful in college and life.

Thomas Reason
Interim Director of Admissions
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Past President WI ACAC

-IB parent and the Assistant Dean of Admission at Stanford university, Debra Von Bargen

Advantages to Pursuing the Diploma Programme (DP)

  • Immediate recognition from colleges across the globe.
  • Colleges and universities offer credit for achieving your Diploma.
  • Students participate in a creative, action, service project that gives back to their community.
  • Students take the unique theory of knowledge class that expands their views on learning, and makes them reflect on and consider all points of view.
  • Students enter college with the skills to succeed that puts them ahead of many other students.
    • IB testing will prepare students for the rigors of college study and exams.
    • The extended essay teaches students to write a college style essay.
    • Students are taught to use critical thinking to solve problems.
    • Students learn to evaluate, respond to, and form arguments.
  • Classes are held with students who are similar to one another in learning style.
  • Achieving a DP gives you a broader perspective on subjects and connects subject areas than individual AP or CEP courses.
  • Learning to work efficiently and effectively both as a member of a group and as an individual is emphasized in the IB Programme.
  • The DP develops an inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring perspective within an active, compassionate, lifelong-learning curriculum, with an emphasis on intercultural understanding and respect for people and their points of view.

There is a one-time registration for the Diploma Programme, which will be subsidized for students on free or reduced lunch. Students taking individual classes for certificate completion will pay their junior year and/or for their senior year. There is then a cost per class testing.

DP Classes Offered at West
Group 1

English A: Literature HL

Group 2
French B SL
Spanish ab Initio SL
Spanish B SL

Group 3
History of the Americas HL
Psychology SL

Group 4
Biology SL
Biology HL
Physics SL
Physics HL

Group 5
Mathematics SL
Mathematics HL
Mathematics Studies SL

Group 6
Music SL
Music HL
Theatre SL
Theatre HL
Visual Arts SL
Visual Arts HL

Theory of Knowledge
Extended Essay
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

Frequently asked questions about the Diplomma Programme

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