General Information

What is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme?

Over the last few decades, the International Baccalaureate (IB )Diploma Programme (DP) has emerged as the single,truly international, pre-university high school program. The philosophy of the IB emphasizes high academic standards in the core and in six academic subjects (See IB DP Diagram). Uniquely, the IB core emphasizes personal development and reflection in the areas of:
  • Extended Essay - Students are required to write an in-depth research paper relating to one of their topics of study. Besides being a great way to expand knowledge, the extended essay prepares students for the rigors of college writing.
  •  Theory of Knowledge - This class emphasizes student reflection on the nature of knowledge through the study of the different ways of knowing and the different types of knowledge.
  •  Creativity, Action, Service - The three components allow the student to better themselves beyond the classroom. Students must learn from real life experiences that can include community service, artistic endeavors, or athletic competition.

What are the advantages?

A growing number of universities in more than a hundred countries hold IB graduates in high regard. The IB Liberal Arts design is a more extensive and comprehensive program than completion of individual AP courses. Furthermore, it provides greater opportunities for transfer credits to post-secondary schools for students achieving sufficiently high results. A student successfully completing the full Diploma Programme can earn 2nd semester sophomore standing at quality national and worldwide educational institutions,including the UW system – a $15,000 - $60,000 savings, depending on the college/university of choice.

Who is it for?  Must my child complete the entire Diploma Programme?

IB Courses are an opportunity open to all students in the Green Bay area with junior or senior standing. Having noted that the IB Programme is academically more accessible than is often presumed, both students and their parents nevertheless need to realize that its rigorous standards and the substantial workload require a great deal of commitment, organization and initiative. Rather than completing the entire Diploma Programme, students may also choose  to obtain individual subject certificates.

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